Best Cat Beds [Updated July 2021] -

Cat Beds

A home to Cat bed is a very important investment for your Cat. Just as you would not want to sleep on the floor, neither does your Cat! Cat beds come in many shapes and sizes, such as baskets and steps. Beds can also be made from scratch just for your Cat. A Cat may sleep anywhere but they will always prefer their own private sanctuary which should be comfortable for them.

Are Cat beds safe?

Cat beds are safe because they keep the Cat off of furniture. Many people have scratched or even peed on sofas when they were young and had no space of their own at escape, or they did not know any better, so you wouldn’t like that either! Or maybe you don’t want to get up to find all Cat hairs as soon as you sit in your Cat bed. Cat beds are safe because they will not collapse under Cat’s weight or Cat scratching them, unlike Cat baskets which can get damaged when Cat claws on it.

Cat beds also give the Cat a little bit of privacy and may keep the Cat away from your belongings such as the furniture or kitchen counter tops. Cat owners often report that their Cats prefer to sleep in their Cat bed than on beds with people! That is why many cat owners buy two- one for themselves and one for their Cat!

Frequently asked questions about Cat Beds

Do I have to feed my cat before placing her in her new Cat bed?

No, quite the opposite; never place your Cat in her Cat bed if she hasn’t had anything to eat or drink. The cat should be well fed and watered first before Cat bed placement!

I am not quite sure where to start, but my Cat is spending more and more time in Cat baskets, instead of Cat beds, what can I do?

Cats will choose Cat basket over Cat bed when they are young as it makes for a perfect hiding place- this is the normal behaviour of young Cats. When Cat gets older she may try to scratch on the Cat basket making it unusable and ruining your furniture due to Cat nails scratching! Start introducing Cat bed while still feeding her from the Cat basket so that she has an incentive because there’s always something better than what things you have now, even if you don’t know about it yet!

How do I introduce Cat bed into Cat life?

Cats like Cat baskets to sleep on because it was Cat’s territory when Cat was a kitten and they are very territorial animals. Start showing the Cat that Cat bed is her territory by scratching the Cat basket, take a toy out from Cat basket and place it in the Cat bed then feed her there or just stared at your cat as she plays with her favorite toy from the Cat basket but keep on feeding her there so that she knows what you’re up to! Your cat will start using the Cat bed more often as a place for play than just sleeping!

I have two Cats can I give them both their own separate beds to sleep in?

Yes! Cat Beds are Cat territory and Cat prefers to sleep in places of her own. If you have two Cats then try Cat beds with two entrances, one on each side, so that Cat can’t resist from sleeping there for long!

I do not want my Cat to scratch the Cat bed but I still want Cat bed to be placed in high traffic areas, what should I do?

Cats learn by association- place some catnip onto the Cat bed whenever your Cat is relaxed on the bed or when she scratches it; you’ll find that the scratching will stop as soon as the catnip comes out , or simply replace old scratched up Cat bed with new and unused one.