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Cat Hard-Sided Carriers

A hard-sided cat carrier is a great option for those who are looking to transport their cats in the car. A hard-sided carrier will help protect your cat from injuries while traveling, and they can be made of clear plastic, so you don’t have to worry about them getting too hot or cold. This article lists the best hard-sided carriers, types of carriers available on the market today.

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How to Select a Good Hard-Sided Cat Carrier

Before you pick out a hard-sided cat carrier, there are a few features that will help make sure your cat is safe and comfortable during transport. There are two different types of carriers: soft sided and hard sided. The main difference between these two options is the material they’re made from, but both serve the same purpose – protection.

In general, cats prefer traveling in hard-sided cages because they feel more secure in them. They don’t have the fabric sides that can be easily damaged or torn by claws or feet, which could cause a potentially dangerous escape situation if your cat isn’t properly secured inside their cage while driving. A second reason why most people would choose one type of carrier over the other has to do with space. If you’re traveling alone or with only one cat, a soft-sided carrier may be sufficient; however, if you are transporting multiple cats, using a hard-sided cage will allow for more room without taking away from the comfort and safety of your pet cats.

Why not purchase a hard-sided carrier

The downside to purchasing a hard-sided carrier is that they usually cost more than their fabric counterparts. Fortunately, they don’t have to break the bank – there are plenty available on Amazon that come at great price points while still offering all of the features you’re looking for as an owner.

Keep in mind that some carriers lack certain features that can make things much easier on you when traveling with your cat. example, if your cat isn’t fond of confined spaces, or they are very vocal while traveling, look for a carrier with ventilation slits and an open top (if possible). This will help to reduce the stress on your cat during travel. Also, if you’re worried about what temperature it is outside when taking the car, invest in one that can be insulated. These carriers come with additional covers – making them even more secure – as well as built-in heating pads for colder days.

The first step to take when purchasing a hard-sided carrier is figuring out how much room you’ll need to store your cat safely. Most importantly, make sure that the space provided is not too big; otherwise there’s no way you’ll be able to transport your cat safely in the car. You also need to keep in mind the height of your cat, so make sure you measure their length and width to ensure that they’ll fit comfortably inside.


To sum it all up, if you’re looking for a safe way to carry your cat around with you when traveling by car, then a hard-sided carrier is the best option. With proper care and maintenance, these carriers are virtually indestructible so they should last for many years; saving you money on replacements down the line.

Bouns point:

Here’s what makes a good hard-sided carrier:

  1. Hard plastic construction
  2. Proper ventilation slits
  3. An open top (if possible)
  4. Built-in heating pad if needed