Best Cat Sofas [Updated July 2021] -

Cat Sofas

Cats are naturally lapped animals, so cat furniture that caters to this trait is a boon to any cat fanatic. When you bring home your new cat sofa, she will undoubtedly be the happiest cat around and also the most comfortable cat in the neighborhood. Imagine her purring as she rests on her comfy cat sofa!

Here are some tips for picking out that luxurious cat sofa:

Padding: It pays to pay extra for good padding. Your cat’s favorite sleeping place should provide maximum comfort, making it ideal for laying around and dozing off during lazy afternoons. A quality cat sofa pad is one that feels soft yet has just enough firmness underneath like memory foam does in a mattress. A cat bed without any padding is uncomfortable for cat owners because who wants their cat to be uncomfortable?

Choose the right fabric: For pet owners, cat sofas with material that sheds hair are way more desirable than cat beds made of rough material which may even end up irritating your cat’s skin. Regardless of whether you choose cloth or leather cat furniture, go for something that has a soft and smooth texture to ensure maximum comfort. Durability is also an important factor if you’re looking forward to buying cat furniture that will last a long time and continue to provide your feline friend with all the comforts she deserves for a low price tag.

Practicality counts: Cat sofas usually come in cat beds for small cat breeds (like the cat sofas below) or your cat can optionally choose her own cat bed to sleep and snooze in. If you’re planning on buying cat furniture that doubles as a cat bed, make sure there is enough space for your cat to lay around and nap comfortably.

For cats who have difficulty jumping, consider getting a cat sofa with tall sides. These cat furniture pieces not only prevent your feline friend from tumbling over but also protect her from other household pets like dogs and children who may unintentionally hurt or provoke her.

Don’t forget about safety: Cat owners should ensure their cat’s comfort be at par with safety concerns. Pick out something that has stable legs without sharp corners which could potentially hurt your cat’s paws or claws. Also, keep in mind that cat furniture with a high centre of gravity is dangerous as these cat beds can topple over easily when felines jump on them.

While cat sofas are amazing cat furniture picks for the cat owner and their pets, keeping your cat away from electrical wires around the house should also be cat furniture cat safety concern. If you are facing a cat electrocution emergency, remember to use a cat-safe material like cotton balls on the electrical outlet to attract cat’s attention away from them.