Places To Go For Horse Riding Dubai- Tips To Experience the Experience

With the breathtaking and astounding landscapes, Beautiful Arabian horses and a hint of adventure in the air, Dubai offers a prodigious experience for all those equestrians looking for another ride in the wind. What better place to go than Dubai to immerse in a little racing or riding session. With its world-class racing facilities and riding clubs, Dubai provides an exclusionary experience in the sport. Being one of the most popular sports in the UAE, Horse riding Dubai is something that people from all age groups enjoy.

So if you are out on a holiday solo, with family, friends or just looking to try out something new. Dubai offers so many opportunities for the equine oriented, whether you’re a high-level pro or just a beginner. It is fun, good exercise, teaches kids kindness and to be responsible around animals and is great for their fitness as well. But the question is where on earth do you start, who is best for beginners, what are the things that you would need, and what’s it going to cost? After all, children are notoriously temperamental, so one thing that’s most important for kids and for elders is using horse riding helmets for protection. Also you’d want to compare the cost of different clubs as you don’t want to end up parting with your hard-earned cash unless you know it will all be worth it. Here’s a list of some of the best places for horse riding in Dubai you must check out.

Al Jiyad Stables, European Equestrian Centre Dubai and Al Dhabi Horse Riding are some of the best riding clubs each offers different type of riding experience such as:


A riding session with Al Jiyad Stables allow its participants to experience the Dubai’s wildlife and natural beauty. About 120 Arabian and part Arab horses are present at al jiyad stabled at all times to entertain members and their riding sessions are open to riders of all levels and ages. To spice up this whole exquisite sport experience for their members, the trainers also teach some desert hacks to the enthusiastic and exuberant horse riders. They also have a cafe and Al Jiyad Tack Shop which keep the people going there over and over again.


This club for horse riding in Dubai offers a bit different kind of riding, in the desert. Like any other club they also hold riding classes for all age groups and skill levels, starting from beginners to advanced pro- riders. It is a well-established and well-known riding center or school which teaches dressage, show jumping, etc. to its participants. They offer the facility of both, choosing between groups and individual learning sessions. They also organize pony camps during special holidays, birthday parties or other occasional events for their members.


Have you ever ridden a horse on a beach? Or have the dream of feeling beach breeze in your hair while riding a horse. With this riding club you can experience such an amazing thing. This riding center lets you experience this beautiful, absolutely freeing encounter with your horse. During shoulder season, public beaches are open to riders so they can have this experience. At this time tides are usually out and sand on the beach offers a natural, smooth and riding friendly surface to let your horse run free. I think every rider should experience this breathtaking feeling.


Meydan is the luxury racecourse ground of Dubai. This grandstand is over a mile in length, and can accommodate over 60,000 spectators. This humongous racecourse includes a horse racing museum, gallery and five-star hotel and nine-hole golf course. Horse riding in meydan, is an experience in its own. Meydan Racecourse offers a full season of horse racing, Also showcases the twelve domestic Racing at Meydan. World Cup Carnival also takes place there as it has a seating of thousands of people. Meydan also has exceptional dining and luxury hotels.

Final Words

Horse riding in Dubai has always been many equestrians, so these are some of the best horse riding centers and clubs in Dubai, where you can learn and enjoy different types of horse riding experiences.

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